Business for Peace Award

Yemen Times Staff

With a history of decades of independent and objective reporting since its establishment in 1990, the Yemen Times has created a reputation as a credible source of information provided by professional staff.

Marketing Manager 
Rasheed Al-Saqqaf

Design Manager 
Ramzy Alawi

Production Manager 
Yaseen Al-Asbahi

Assistant Managing Editor

Nasser Al-Sakkaf ([email protected])


Senior Editor/Reporters: 

Mohammed bin Sallam
[email protected]


Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshiki (Security Reporter)
[email protected]

Ali Mohsen Aboluhom
[email protected]

Bassam Al-Khamiri
[email protected]

Fareed Al-Homaid
[email protected]

Khalid Al-Karimi
[email protected]

Shannon McKimmin