About Yemen Times


“To make Yemen a good world citizen”

Mission Statement

To provide readers with constructive information in an interesting way that enables them to make better  personal and professional decisions so that they can eventually contribute to the prosperity of Yemen as a nation and state.

Yemen Times: A Chronology

  • 1990 – established as Yemen’s first English-language paper.
  • 1991 – first issue published 27 February
  • 1995 – founder & Editor-in-Chief Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf wins NY Press Club International Award for coverage of the 1994 civil war
  • Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf is repeatedly arrested, harassed, beaten and intimidated
  • 1997 – is abducted and tortured for two days
  • 1999 – dies in a questionable hit-and-run car accident
  • 1999 – his son, Walid Al-Sakkaf, assumes control of the paper
  • 2005 – his daughter, Nadia Al-Sakkaf, becomes the first female editor-in-chief of a newspaper in the Middle East
  • 1997 – YT establishes first media website in Yemen
  • 1998 – YT buys its own building
  • 1998 – YT founds the Yemen 21 Forum, the first Yemeni think tank [project is suspended following death of Prof. Al-Saqqaf in 1999]
  • 2003 – YT buys its own offset printing presses
  • 2003 – Family and Development magazine begins publication
  • 2005 – YT creates gender balance in the newsroom
  • 2006 – Yemen 21 Forum reestablished by Nadia


  • 2006 – Three international awards:  IPI Free Media Pioneer, ME Publishers and Gebran Tueni
  • 2010 – YT begins short-lived publication in Arabic
  • 2010 – Yemen Times survives economic and political crisis despite the loss of one-third of its readership and reduction of publication length to 12 pages
  • 2012 – Radio Yemen Times goes live in August on 88.8 FM after three months of trial online broadcast
  • 2013 – Yemen Times wins Business for Peace Award
  • 2014 – Radio YT moves frequencies to 91.9 FM

YT Core Values

Yemen Times policy and staff are free of affiliations that connect them to any political, religious or personal entities that would affect its neutrality, credibility or objectivity.
The Yemen Times vows to provide readers with accurate, constructive, and meaningful information based on facts.
Human rights advocacy
The Yemen Times staff and organization advocate for human rights and global values, we defend freedoms, and we empower minorities.
The Yemen Times aims to promote knowledge and a culture of unbiased information in Yemen. It encourages research, questioning, the challenging of stereotypes, and pursuit of the truth.
YT policies and personnel are committed to ethical personal and professional conduct. Reporting is based on impartial fact-finding that conveys the truth as well as balanced, varying points of view. YT staff members hold themselves to high standards of integrity and behavior.
The Yemen Times is a national institution founded by a visionary and patriotic leader who was committed to bettering his nation. Our work encourages citizens to take responsibility for our past, present and future. We collaborate with partners and friends to instill a sense of accountability, ownership and responsibility among Yemenis.