Though didn't make it in Arab Idol, Ammar won hearts of the audience

Ammar's tears betrayed him while he was performing in the Arab Idol finale.

'My love for you' was the title of the song. He began singing with all passion he could muster, and when he reached the line that goes: "who's your beloved darling? I said 'Yemen'", his tears rolled and his voice choked with emotion.

Yemeni audience could not help but find their eyes filled with tears as the moment was quite emotional and sensational.

"Enough warring! I say it to politicians. We have been expatriated, vagabonded… Enough warring, find us a way out of this," pleaded Ammar after finishing singing.

Although Ammar did not emerge as the winner in the finale, he won the hearts and minds of the audience.

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Photo by , 26 February 2017