The Province of Saada labeled as a “ Military Target”

Published on 9 May 2015 in News
Image 4864

Image 4864

The Saudi-led coalition launched on Friday evening what has been described by locals as “the heaviest” air strikes on Saada province since the beginning of the operation on the 26th of March.

The coalition’s spokesperson General Ahmed Al Assiri said that the entire province is considered a military target. Locals in the old city of Saada said leaflets were dropped by coalition warplanes warning all citizens to leave the area before 7pm.

 Panic spread around the city, as families started to flee the area, many were not able to leave as they were not able to find means of transportation while others were seen walking on their feet due to the lack of gas and petrol. “ it’s been very chaotic in Saada, the streets were very crowded, so many people were trying to escape, and everyone was really scared, “ said Mohammed Al Faqeeh, one of the residents of the old city of Saada.

The coalition launched at least 60 air raids on Saada targeting Houthi locations on the borders including weapons storages, and telecommunication compounds. The airstrikes hit the Central Security camp and  Houthi leadership bureaus in the old city of Saada in addition to a school which has been turned into a weapons storage in Maran.

The fierce attack on Saada comes as response to Houthi attacks on the Saudi border including shelling the city of Najran on Tuesday and Wednesday.  While Saada, is being hit, locals reported fierce clashes between the Houthis and Popular Resistance in different provinces including Taiz, Aden, Al Dale, and Abyan.

Mohammed Al Qasimi, a political analyst said that the Houthis are deliberately pushing the fight near the borders of Saudi Arabia, “they want the coalition to get busy fighting in Saada and on the borders so they can advance and take over the Sothern provinces.’