Shabwa on alert following rocket attack

Published on 6 February 2014 in News
Ali Saeed (author)

Ali Saeed


SHABWA, Feb 5—Military and security forces in Shabwa are on high alert after unknown gunmen fired a rocket on Friday at the liquid gas plant in the Balhaf area of Shabwa, a military source told the Yemen Times.

"A blast sounded offshore the Balhaf Plant, coming from a rocket-launched explosive device," the company said on its website. The plant remains in operation and no casualties or damage was reported, according to YLNG.

It added that "Yemen LNG is working with the Yemeni Authorities to take further measures around Balhaf in order to ensure maximum security of people and assets on site."

Aysh Dahman, an assistant officer of military operations in Shabwa, told the Yemen Times on Wednesday that "all security and military forces are on high alert for expected attacks and ambush by armed men affiliated to the AQAP."

Dahman explained that the last clashes between military forces and militants took place Wednesday evening in Al-Nushaima area of Al-Radoom district where a group of armed attempted to ambush a military vehicle while returning to the military camp from a mission.

Shabwa is one of Yemen's oil producing governorates and has been a target of numerous attacks.

Mubarak Al Azlam, the assistant security chief of Shabwa told the Yemen Times that armed men believed to be affiliated with Hirak clashed with troops at a security checkpoint in Attaq on Wednesday.

One bystander was killed, and four people were injured, including three soldiers, in the clashes.

The Balhaf gas plant is the main producer and exporter of Yemen liquefied gas. Yemen has exported about 6.7 million metric tons of gas per year since it began selling gas on the world market in November 2009, according to the state-run Yemen Liquid Natural Gas (YLNG).

An attack in Sept. left 22 soldiers dead and 18 others injured. Al-Qaeda affiliates claimed responsibility for the attack.