The Yemen Times’ 2013 person of the year

Published on 2 January 2014 in News
Yemen Times Staff (author)

Yemen Times Staff

Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman, the secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP)

Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman, the secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP)

Our readers and listeners have spoken.

This year, the majority of the Yemen Times’ readership and radio audience selected Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman, the secretary general of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), as the recipience of our annual award. It is given to the person who has had the greatest positive influence on the nation over the course of the year. Our followers said Noman’s patriotic stancee towards Yemen’s stability, unity and defense of human rights, especially in the South, earned him the title.  

Over the course of the past year, Noman was able to shine at the National Dialogue Conference (NDC), where he demonstrated a commitment to supporting Yemen’s transitional process.

About Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman

Noman was born in the Tor Al-Baha district of Lahj governorate in South Yemen in 1947, when it was still an independent country separate from the North. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Cairo University and a PhD in economic sciences from an Austrian university in 1981.

He had his first taste of politics very early on. He joined the National Front in Aden in 1967 to fight against British Imperial rule, which governed the South at the time. Empowered by the South’s success in overthrowing the colonial power, Noman joined the YS in 1980, and was soon elected a member of the party’s Central Committee. He continued to climb the party ranks, and in 1986 became a member of the party’s political office. Finally, in 2005 he was elected secretary general of the YSP.

Throughout his career, Noman has held several governmental posts in the former South Yemen. He served as both the minister of industry and planning as well as the minister of fisheries. In 1986, he became the prime minister of South Yemen as well as a member of of the Supreme People’s Council, a governing body.

Following Yemen’s unity between the North and the South in 1990, Noman was elected the first speaker of new nation’s Parliament.

This active politician has served as a key member of the Joint Meeting Parties’ (JMP) political alliance since its formation in 2003. Between 2011 and 2013, he has periodically served as chair of the group.

Noman’s leading role in Yemen’s transitional process cannot be overstated.  He was one of the main drafters of the Gulf
Cooperation Council (GCC) Initiative, which was signed in November 2011 and ushered former President Ali Abdulla Saleh out of office in a peaceful transfer of power.

Most recently, Noman has further contributed to Yemen’s transition by serving as the deputy secretary general of the NDC.

In your words:

“Dr. Noman is one of the main reasons Yemen has been able to emerge from its difficult political situation. He has contributed to Yemen’s development through his mature political perspectives and projects, including his strong support for women,” said Dr. Adel Al-Sharjabi.

“Dr. Noman is a balanced intellectual and an honest politician. What he says is is represented in reality without exaggeration or lies,” said Nasr Al-Samie.

“Compared to other current political figures, Dr. Noman is one of the most influential and has a clear strategy and vision. He is an honest person and represents the nation, not party interests, in his political positions,” said Mukhtar Qasim Al-Sabri.  

“Dr. Noman has contributed in the past to Yemen’s development and is going to take Yemen further in the future. He has vision, is educated, and has the nation’s best interests in his heart,” said Amal Al-Hashimi.

“He is loved and people believe that he is a true patriot who cares about Yemen’s welfare,” said Amal Mabrouk.