Hadi issues orders to implement 20 points

Published on 4 July 2013 in News
Mohammed Al-Hassani (author)

Mohammed Al-Hassani


SANA’A, July 4 — President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi has given orders to implement the remaining 20 points presented by the technical committee that the Southern Issue and Sa’ada Issue Working Groups conditioned before beginning their field visits, said Yasser Al-Ro’ini, the deputy secretary general of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC).  

The other seven working groups (Transitional Justice, State Building, Good Governance, Military and Security Building, Independent Authorities, Rights and Freedoms, and Comprehensive Development) started their field visits in May. They have been tasked with working with communities and assessing their needs.

Al-Ro’ini told Yemen Times that President Hadi had no objections to any of the points but asked for more time; some points require a longer period to be implemented, he said. Hadi will meet with the heads of the two working groups to agree on mechanisms to implement the remaining 20 points.

The reports of the nine groups will be assessed and comments and recommendations will be given to the final reports during the general sessions of the NDC beginning next week, Al-Ro’ini said.

Several of the 20 points have already been implemented, including the release of Southern detainees and the establishment of two committees assigned to address the situation of the South. The committees were assigned to resolve the issue of civilian and military forces laid-off after the civil war and the issue of looted property following the war, respectively.

“There have been steps taken to address the issues mentioned in the 20 points, such as the decree to restructure the military, the identification of leaders of military regions and the unification of the military,” Al-Ro’ini stated.

Sa’ada Issue working group member Ali Al-Bukhaiti told the Yemen Times that while some points associated with the Southern Issue had been implemented, nothing has been addressed on the Sa’ada Issue front.

The Sa’ada Issue Working Group requested to meet with all officials Wednesday who were in power during the state’s six wars with Sa’ada, including the heads of the Political and National Security Bureaus.

The 20 points include amends for the violations committed in several Yemeni regions. They include apologies to the South for the 1994 civil war, the six wars on Sa’ada that ended in 2009 and the immediate release of detainees resulting from those wars.

The technical committee of the NDC compiled the points and reported that they are necessary for the success of the conference.