Planes piloted by ‘the devil’

Published on 6 June 2013 in Opinion
Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh (author)

Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh


Carelessly and provocatively, the “blind warplanes,” or drones, are still throwing tons of explosives on inhabitants and their houses under feeble pretexts.

This is happening not only in our country but also in several places where it is no longer suitable to live in after having been corrupted by the venom of political and economic interests, for which everything is being justified—even even the killing of innocent people.

What makes us quite optimistic is that we aren’t the only ones to complain of these devil-led warplanes after human beings abandoned them, particularly following the accurate statistics which have proved the mistakes of such planes are over 80 percent—that is, they hit only ten percent of the targeted ones and the rest 80 percent are untargeted victims.

This is a brutal crime, a violation of both law and conscience.

Now it’s clear that the people of the Third World—where drones carry out their savage tasks—aren’t the only ones to fear these remote-controlled warplanes, rather the panic has spread and the hazards these warplanes pose threaten people worldwide, including the U.S., where some citizens began to strongly oppose and reject these attacks. The long speech one of the prominent Republicans has delivered in the Congress, condemning and warning of the drone attacks’ consequences, was remarkable and dramatic.  It’s said this man is a prominent candidate for presidency and that the speech he delivered may give him a leg up in the next election. But the most interesting thing to note here is that the world has started to realize the hazards of using drones which drop bombs indiscriminately, even hitting cows and trees. We are against all kinds of killing either on land or from the air without investigation and indictment.

We are also against these murderous and destructive creations and against the wicked ability to hit any person on the earth under any allegations in order to achieve an illegal aim—to terrify innocent people.

In the past, Yemenis used to admiringly raise their eyes to the sky whenever they would hear the sound of a plane to see it fluttering in the air like a large bird. They would admire this scientific accomplishment that made air travel possible, shortened distances, and seemed to make the dreams of human beings come true.

Now, they hide or protect themselves, taking shelter near a rock or wall when they hear a plane.

It’s neither surprising nor strange for us to hear that Zionists organizations manufacture these dangerous warplanes. This proves the Zionist leaders’ intention to use the latest forms of terrorism and murder, either on land or on the air.

Human beings will have to protect themselves and oppose whatever terrifies them and confine them within their fears.

In this country, we should remember that using fire to put out fire is useless. We realized, far back in history, that we must find other ways to end fires and solve problems—with dialogue, by using reason, and honoring truth and justice rather than power and arrogance.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is a poet and former Chancellor at Sana’a University. Translated from the Arabic by Bassam Al-Khameri