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Did a 13-year-old boy join Al-Qaeda?

Published on 29 January 2015 by Ahlam Mohsen in Report

Mohammed Al-Duaayman was the third person in his family killed in a drone strike. His father and brother were killed in 2011.

At this entrance to Sana’a’s Old City the Houthis have a clear presence, with their slogan widely visible. However, the men sitting at the entrance said they do not consider themselves Houthis. Rather, they are locals who are co-operating with the group f

Are popular committees all Houthi?

Published on 28 January 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Report

Popular committees existed in Yemen long before the Houthis’ rise to power. However, since the group took over Sana’a on Sept. 21, the term “popular committee” has been commonly used as an equivalent to “the Houthis” in areas under the group’s control. 

This article has photo galleryYemenis voice their opinion on the Charlie Hebdo attack

Published on 26 January 2015 by Bassam Al-Khameri in Report

“We strongly condemn the repeated offenses directed against the Prophet Mohammad, the latest of which was a caricature in a French newspaper,” announced Houthi leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi in his televised speech on Jan. 20. “These repeated offenses prove negligence of the symbols that are sacred to the Islamic Ummah [community]. These repeated offenses reflect Western countries’ hostile perception of Muslims and the Islamic Ummah.”

Introducing rural practices to an urban environment carries risks, but it may help solve Yemen’s chronic food insecurity.

City farming in Sana’a: A hobby with potential

Published on 26 January 2015 by Nasser Al-Sakkaf in Report

Hajj Mahdi Muhammad lives in the Al-Sabaeen neighborhood of Sana’a city. He moved to the capital in the early 1980s to work with the military, and is originally from Utma, a green and mountainous region in western Dhamar.

The murder of Maab on Dec. 26 caused public outrage, leading to an ongoing campaign to expedite the case against her father and introduce a legal precedent by sentencing the father to death.

This article has photo galleryTrial ongoing for man who killed his daughter

Published on 26 January 2015 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in Report

After torturing his ten-year-old daughter Maab for several days, Nouh Ali Saleh Al-Yemeni, a 30-year-old onyx salesman and resident of Dhamar governorate, drove to Ibb’s Naqil Sumara Mountain on Dec. 26 where he held his pistol to his daughter’s back and pulled the trigger.

Often ignored in discussions of the Houthis’ spectacular rise to power are the vast weapon arsenals they have collected in the process. It has enabled the group to continue advancing southward, while making any prospect of an amicable peace based on previ

Houthis refuse to return seized weapons

Published on 26 January 2015 by Nasser Al-Sakkaf in Report

The Houthis’ ascent to power was accompanied and often propelled by the movement’s continuous stockpiling of heavy weaponry. In spite of signing an agreement with the government on Sept. 21 stipulating the group’s disarmament, Houthi leaders have so far shown no intention of returning seized weapons. On the contrary, their armory keeps on growing.

With high-speed Internet and long-range antennas, neighborhood hotspots are able to reach a greater number of users.

Neighborhood Internet hotspots

Published on 22 January 2015 by Bassam Al-Khameri in Report

New business idea offers Yemenis cheap access to internet at home

Old elites are abandoning the old city and are moving to newer residential areas of Sana’a like Hasaba, Hayil, and Shumaila. (

Sana’a: A hybrid city

Published on 22 January 2015 by Roman Stadnicki in Report

Mostly known for its old city—which has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1986—Yemen’s capital has witnessed unprecedented urbanization trends over recent decades that have restructured the city along territorial and social lines.

Migrants arriving in Yemen by boat often report abuse, including rape and torture. The boats are usually packed way beyond normal capacity, and passengers are routinely beaten if they do not stay still. (UNHCR)

This article has photo galleryJourney to Yemen: A deadly year for migrants and refugees

Published on 22 January 2015 by Ahlam Mohsen in Report

Fifteen-year-old Iftu* left Ethiopia after his father was killed because he feared for his life. Hoping for a future without persecution, he headed to Yemen by boat.

Areas marked in red denote clashes that took place on Monday, while blue denotes fighting that took place Tuesday.

This article has photo galleryFighting disrupts everyday life in Sana’a

Published on 21 January 2015 by Nasser Al-Sakkaf in Report

Residents report war-like scenarios during two days of turmoil in Yemen’s capital