Islah party and secessionists clash in Aden

Published on 25 February 2013 in News
Amal Al-Yarisi (author)

Amal Al-Yarisi

Clashes in Aden this week worry many ahead of the National Dialogue Confence.

Clashes in Aden this week worry many ahead of the National Dialogue Confence.

ADEN, Feb. 24 — The Islah Islamic Party on Saturday accused Hirak (Southern Movement) supporters of attacking its headquarters in Khoor Maksr, in the southern city of Aden.

Hirak supporters also blocked many streets in Aden on Saturday, such as Al-Muala and Al-Mansoura, according to Abdulrakeeb Al-Hadiani, the editor-in-chief of the Aden online website.

Al-Hadiani accused external actors of fomenting violence by distributing weapons to the clashing parties.

“Violence is being facilitated by supporters of the former regime [of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh] on the one hand and Iran on the other,” he said.  

Tehran has long been accused of backing the former president of South Yemen, Ali Salem Al-Beidh.

This comes amidst a deteriorating security situation in the port city.

Secessionists began clashing with security forces and other groups on Thursday, leaving three dead and at least 50 injured, according to a statement by Saddek Heit, a security manager in Aden.

The secessionists are calling for political autonomy or a new state in south Yemen.

Fadi Hassan Baom, the head of the Southern Youth Students’ Movement, said the Islah Party is contributing to Aden’s long list of compound issues.

“The Islah Party called for a revolution, and now they are largely to blame for the ongoing violence in Aden.”  

He said the attack on Islah offices on Saturday was retribution for the three who were killed on Thursday.

Security manager Saddek Heit said that the aim of those destabilizing the situation in Aden is to provoke disputes and that there is concern tensions will escalate.

However, he added that the situation is under the control of the security forces and claims that they will stand in the way of those who want to trigger riot in Aden governorate.