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The Latest Buzz - 12 March, 2012

Published on 12 March 2012 by Nadia Al-Sakkaf

A seminar on the role of women in decision making organized by Partners in Development in coordination with NDI has been concluded in Taiz.

The Latest Buzz - 1 March, 2012

Published on 1 March 2012 by Nadia Al-Sakkaf

  • The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate denounced the attack on Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper. Unknown armed men opened fire on the paper’s branch in Aden while in the past few days the newspaper was confiscated and burned at several checkpoints.

The Latest Buzz - 21 November, 2011

Published on 13 February 2012 by Mohamed Bin Sallam

A military checkpoint of the Republican Guards in Quhaza, south of the capital Sana’a confiscated around 500 copies of the Yemen Times issue no 1521 on Thursday while on route to be distributed in Aden. 

The Latest Buzz - 9 February, 2012

Published on 9 February 2012 by Nadia Al-Sakkaf

  • Hodeidah port employees closed the port’s gate and blocked the Jizan highway after being subjected to beating and shooting by the governorate’s security and thugs sent by influential figures.

The Latest Buzz - 15 December, 2011

Published on 6 February 2012 by Nadia Al-Saqqaf

The Latest Buzz - (2 February, 2012)

Published on 2 February 2012 by Mohammed bin Sallam

Abdel-Moneim Al-Afthani, a leading figure in Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), died on Wednesday after getting injured in a US air raid. The raid targeted a number of cars and armed groups on Tuesday in Amajderh, an area in the the outskirts of Abyan’s Lauder district.

The Latest Buzz

Published on 29 October 2011 by Mohammed bin Sallam

Four citizens including a woman and a child were severely injured in a drone attack by the Republican Guards in Arhab north of Sana’a in Tuesday early morning.

The Latest Buzz

Published on 6 October 2011 by Mohammed bin Sallam

Two small vessels containing Russian small and medium arms arrived at Saleef port in Hodidea on Monday. They were escorted by Yemeni marine and Republican Guards.