Three Technical Committee members withdraw in protest

Published on 21 February 2013 in News
Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki (author)

Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki


SANA’A, Feb. 20 — Three members of the National Dialogue Technical Committee withdrew from Wednesday’s meeting in protest against the detainment of several prominent Southern Movement activists by the state following protests in the south, National Dialogue Secretary General Ahmed Awadh Mubark said. The focus of the meeting was supposed to be discussion of the lists of representatives provided by participating political parties.

As a consequence of their withdrawal, chair of the committee, Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani said he will bring this issue to the attention of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and the committee will suspend any further meetings until this issue is resolved.

Committee member Mohammed Al-Amiri told Yemen Times that the three southern members who withdrew from the meeting are Lutfi Shatara, Liza Al-Hassani and Ali Hassn Ali Zaki.

Yemen Times contacted the three members, but they declined to comment.

The act of protest resulted in delaying the examination of the modified lists of Islah and the Nasserite Party, said Mubark. The purpose of the discussion was to determine whether the modified lists fulfilled criteria set by the Technical Committee.

The discussion of the lists was postponed, said Mubark, and the meeting was devoted to discussing the southern issue and protests in the south.

Dialogue members have requested that Aden’s governor, a key southern player and the local council in the governorate should remain neutral until the matter is resolved. They have also condemned arbitrary detentions.

Deputy Secretary General of the National Dialogue Yasir Al-Ro’aini told Yemen Times that Wednesday’s meeting was meant to discuss the lists of the Islah Party, the Nasserite Party, Houthis, women and youth to make sure that they adhere to conditions and procedure.

The revision and check process aims to ensure compliance with criteria and conditions laid out: to nominate 50 percent of the representatives from the south, 30 percent to consist of women and 20 percent from the youth and that the list should be representative of Yemen’s governorates.

The Technical Committee reviewed party and political movements’ lists last week and found that they did not comply with the specified standards and conditions.  The only party that met the criteria was the Socialist Party.