Yemen boasts huge hidden natural gas potential

Published on 11 February 2013 in News
Amira Nasser (author)

Amira Nasser


The Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority estimated the potential volume of natural gas in Yemen to be a little over 18 billion cubic meters.

Adel Alhazmi, the general manager of exploration in the authority told the Yemen Times that between 80-85 percent of Yemen’s natural gas is located in Marib governorate, with remaining reserves in Shabwa and Masila districts.

Abdulsalam Alkamel, the general manager of petroleum production in the authority, indicated that the current annual production of natural gas is estimated to be 2 billion cubic meters.

He added, with the gas industry opening up to private investment and public private partnerships, the foundations will be laid for new investment frameworks that increase benefits to Yemenis.

With 80 percent of the current private sector investment in Marib, the government is also keen to open up other areas of the country.

“There are similar investment expectations in the Red Sea and the “Moon Islands” basin in Mahra district,” Alkamel further commented.

Talking about the progress made in petroleum and gas explorations, Alkamel said, “We are now witnessing exploration developments as there are five blocks of land where companies are currently searching for oil and gas resources”.

He added that as long as the country’s situation remains stable,  petroleum and gas profits will be used to develop Yemen.