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القراء الأعزاء، تعتذر صحيفة يمن تايمز عن صدور النسخة المطبوعة مؤقتاً حتى إشعار آخر نظراً للظروف الإستثنائية التي يمر بها الوطن، وتؤكد على استمرارها عبر موقع الإنترنت

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Presidential warning ends Yemen’s Central Bank strike

Published on 17 January 2013 in News
Motasem Abdulsalam (author)

Motasem Abdulsalam

Staff at Yemen Central Bank have called of thier strike after a warning letter from President Hadi‭.‬

Staff at Yemen Central Bank have called of thier strike after a warning letter from President Hadi‭.‬

SANA’A, Jan. 16 – A warning letter from President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi ended Yemen Central Bank’s employee strike on Monday.   

In the letter, Hadi threatened to arrest strikers and use force against them if they did not immediately end their strike calling for improvements to their working and financial conditions according to striking employees.   

Hadi said no salaries will be increased due to a deteriorating economic situation in Yemen.

“The current economic situation doesn’t permit any increase in salaries for state institutions’ employees. This strike affects the country negatively because the bank is a vital institution and disrupts the activities of all state public facilities,” Hadi said in the letter.       

Rasheed Al-Barakani, vice head of the syndicate committee for the bank’s staff, said they ended the strike following President Hadi’s letter, and also on the promise that the administration of the bank will be made to negotiate with employees in the coming months.

He said they will strike again if the administration doesn’t fulfill its promises.

Dr. Mohammed Jobran, a Professor of Economics at Sana’a University, said if the strike had continued could have seriously impacted banking in Yemen.  

He added that future strikes will affect the country’s cash flow.


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