Dialogue committee recommends candidates for leadership positions

Published on 17 January 2013 in News
Mohammed Al-Samei (author)

Mohammed Al-Samei


SANA’A, Jan. 16 — The National Dialogue Preparatory Committee has presented three candidates to President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi for the secretary general position of the upcoming National Dialogue Conference (NDC).

The candidates are: Khalid Bahah, the former Minister of Petroleum and Yemen’s current ambassador to Canada; Ja’afar Basaleh, a current member of the dialogue committee and Dr. Ahmed Awadh Mubark, the head of the business department in the College of Commerce at Sana’a University, according to a member of the committee.

The committee has also nominated 13 candidates for the deputy secretary general.  Two candidates will be selected for the joint position.  One of the positions is required to be a woman.   

As preparations move along, there have been a few snags in the line.  The committee says only three participating political parties, the Salafi Rashad Party, the Al-Haq Party and the Unionist Assembly Party, have presented lists of candidates to represent them at the conference.

Committee members say President Hadi has told them he will declare the participants on January 23, with or without lists from the political parties.

Sultan Al-Atwani, the rotating head of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), a party that was given 129 seats, said they will submit their list by the deadline.  They have been delayed because they are waiting on documents and data from candidates in far governorates, he said.  

With 112 seats to fill, the General People’s Congress (GPC), also said they will have their list in on time, according to Tareq Al-Shami, the information unit head.  

Al-Shami says “organizational procedure” issues have led to delays.     

According to a press release, the Preparatory Committee is still receiving applications for the independent youth, female and civil society organization seats for the conference.  As of Sunday morning, the committee had received over 3,000 applications.

The deadline to submit an application is  next Sunday.