JMP to boycott dialogue if Saleh represents the GPC

Published on 27 December 2012 in News
Mohammed Al-Samei (author)

Mohammed Al-Samei


SANA’A, Dec. 26 – The coalition parties are not happy.  

 After the General People’s Congress (GPC) announced Monday that former President Ali Abdullah Saleh will represent their party at the upcoming National Dialogue Conference (NDC), the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) said they will boycott the conference.     

Sultan Al-Atwani, the rotating head of the JMP, said the stance of his coalition is self evident regarding in the participation of the former president in the NDC.

 “The JMPs will not participate if Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to take part in the NDC,” he said.   “How are we expected to confer with Ali Abdullah Saleh when he is the sole reason behind the current situation in the country?”

Al-Twani accused Saleh of creating hurdles right before the conference, which threatens the political reconciliation of the country.

Saleh’s information office said in a statement published on Al-Motamar website that President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi will be chairman of the NDC because he is the president of the country.“Moreover, each party will be represented by its head so that the problems posed during the dialogue can be solved.”

Ahmed Al-Soufi, Saleh’s secretary, said “The JMP should be concentrating on who will represent them in the NDC instead of resorting to political bickering.”

Al-Soufi defended the former president’s proposed leadership position by saying he is “the boss of the party.”  He said Saleh’s participation is normal as all the parties will be represented by their heads.

Ahmed Saleh Al-Faqeh, a political analyst, said it is the right of the GPC to elect whomever they want to represent them as their party was specifically made a part of the transitional government by the Gulf Initiative agreement.  He pointed out that Saleh was granted immunity under the terms of the initiative.  

“It is not right to deny the former president participation in the NDC under the pretext that he is accused of human rights violations. Many of the dialogue participants committed violations against human rights,” he said.   

The criteria established by the NDC’s Technical Committee states participants should be responsible and committed to international human rights conventions.  

The GPC itself seems to be fracturing as some members stand by Saleh and others have stated their support of the reconciliation government.