Three civilians dead in Dale’ from shelling by Brigadier 33

Published on 6 December 2012 in News
Ahmed Dawood (author)

Ahmed Dawood


SANA’A, Dec. 5 – In retaliation for the death of a Brigade 33 soldier in the Al-Jalela village of Dale’, three civilians—including one woman—died from artillery shelling reportedly launched Tuesday night.

The solider died after armed men blocked the brigade’s access to the village.

Colonel Abdulkareem Sabola, a village resident, said several military camps overlooking Dale’, such as Al-Jarba’, Al-Shoaib, Al-Sawda’a and Al-Jabar, took part in the shelling.

He said shelling began Tuesday morning and sporadically continued throughout the day. When the shelling stopped, three civilians were dead and a fourth was wounded. One of the two civilians who died was the principal of the village school.

Sabola said the incident rose from a dispute between young men in the area and a military vehicle affiliated with Brigade 33. The dispute culminated in the shelling of resident homes, he said.

Ali Hamood Al-Amari, Dale’ security director, said armed men blocked the main road through Dale’, in front of Al-Jalela village. These men prevented a troop affiliated with Brigade 33 from passing, resulting in a fire exchange. One soldier died and three were wounded.

The soldier’s death sparked the military shelling of the village.

Al-Amri refuted claims that the shelling targeted residential areas. He said armed men launched rocket-propelled grenades on the brigade’s camp, thus forcing the brigade to fire back.

On Monday, Brigade 33 moved from Taiz to Dale’, replacing Brigade 35.

Al-Amri said Abdulla Daba’an, the new commander of Brigadier 33, is still in Taiz, and he gave orders Wednesday morning for the brigade to cease the shelling.

Daba’an said things are moving toward stability, with sheikhs and public figures exerting effort to halt the confrontation.

On Wednesday, a protest that started in Sana’a’s Change Square roamed the capital’s streets demanding an end to fighting in Dale’ and calling for the resignation of Daba’an for grievances that occurred during uprising protests in Taiz last year.