Saudi diplomat, Yemeni guard shot on 50 Meters Road

Published on 29 November 2012 in News
Nadia Haddash (author)

Nadia Haddash


SANA’A — A Saudi diplomat and his Yemeni guard died at approximately noon Wednesday when unknown armed men opened fire on their vehicle as it traveled on Fifty Meters Road in Sana’a.

Mohammed Al-Maweri, the Interior Ministry’s Information Officer, said Khaled Sabtan Al-Enizi, a security officer with the Saudi military attaché, and his Yemeni guard Jalal Mubarak Shaiban, were shot dead in an armed attack by anonymous men. Al-Maweri said investigations are ongoing to discover who the perpetrators were and to learn more details.

The Yemeni government condemned the killing of Al-Enizi and Shaiban by what they called “the bullets of criminal elements in Sana’a.”

The Saudi diplomatic delegation recently intensified security around its headquarters and around the homes of diplomats following threats to target them.

In March, Saudi diplomat Abdullah Al-Khaledi was abducted from Aden. He continues to be held by Al-Qaeda.

The Yemen Times tried to contact the Saudi embassy in Sana’a, but the embassy declined to answer questions.

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