Four dead in an armed robbery of government bank

Published on 18 October 2012 in News
Samar Qaed (author)

Samar Qaed


HODEIDA, Oct. 17 — The Credit Agriculture Cooperative Bank in Al-Shohada’a neighborhood of Al-Hodeida was robbed at approximately 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Four people died in the robbery, including Brigadier General Mohammed Yahia Al-Jaifi, who tried to stop the armed robbers, but they shot him and took his car. The car was later found on 50 Meters Road.

Journalist Mahmoud Al-Wafi was at the scene and reported that among the four dead are the bank director’s brother, a guard and a soldier.

Journalist Basim Al-Jenani said police checked surveillance cameras but found nothing because the cameras were switched off.

“The looted money is estimated at 50,000,000 riyals, according to officials in the bank,” he said.

Mohammed Al-Maqaleh, Al-Hodeida’s Security Chief, said investigations continue.

“So far, we know nothing about the armed men due to lack of accurate information and contradictions of the information eyewitnesses provided,” Al-Maqaleh said. “The robbers carried out the robbery quickly and left before police arrived.”