Minister pledges improved land, sea, air transportation

Published on 1 October 2012 in News
Mohammed Al-Samei (author)

Mohammed Al-Samei


SANA'A, Sept. 30 – Doctor Waad Badheeb, Yemen’s transportation minister, said he has future plans to improve the situation of air transportation in Yemen and to provide competing services to clients.

In a press conference held Saturday, Badheeb said Yemen Airlines plays a leading role in providing services for passengers, particularly during the past year. In spite of the obstacles and the difficult situation the airline has been facing, Yemen Airlines has managed to overcome all difficulties, he said.

Badheed said plans include purchasing new Airbus planes, which were scheduled to be bought in 2010, and regaining what was looted from the company during the few past years.

Badheeb said the company is a large company that has a qualified and professional cadre, indicating that the company is competitive with other air transportation companies despite it’s unique difficulties due to Yemen’s political and economic situation.

Badheeb also said the ministry is taking intensive measures to solve all the problems at Sana’a, Taiz and Aden airports. He assured that the ministry is determined to finish the new Sana’a International Airport project because it is of strategic importance for improving air transportation and mounting its movement in Yemen.

Badheeb said the transportation section, including land, sea and air transportation, would soon witness a quantum leap to cope with the latest international developments.

In return, Ahmed Masood Al-Alwani, head of Yemen Airlines’ board of directors, commended the efforts and the leadership exerted by the Ministry of Transportation to provide all facilitations, contributing to the company’s improvements and ability to solve its problems.

Al-Alwani said the airline is currently working according to well-organized plans to strengthen its place among other airlines, considering it as one of the most important national companies. He said the development strategy the company is following includes several procedures such as obtaining the newest techniques for flying and implementing marketing policies by way of improving its relations with agents and providing the best services for clients.