Houthi slogans sweep Sana’a

Published on 20 September 2012 in News
Ahmed Dawood (author), Ashraf Al-Muraqab (photographer)

Ahmed Dawood


Ashraf Al-Muraqab

Slogans created by Houthis have recently popped up across the capital city. On Wednesday, a campaign began to remove them.

Slogans created by Houthis have recently popped up across the capital city. On Wednesday, a campaign began to remove them.

SANA’A — Houthi slogans noticeably spread during the past three days in streets and neighborhoods in the capital city, beginning from Hizyaz district in the south of the capital Sana’a and stretching to the heart of the city in the Al-Sila district and Bab Al-Yemen.

Houthis hoisted placards on which a slogan reads, “Death to America, death to Israel, curses to the Jews and victory to Islam.” Houthis say the slogan will help revive Islam.

The spread of this slogan coincides with an occasion held in Sa’ada under the name, “The Outcry Week.” Houthis bellow their slogan following each congregation prayer and during their mass gatherings, in addition to posting the slogan on every street.

Dhaif Allah Al-Shami, a leading figure in the Houthi movement, said the Houthi slogans recently hung  in the capital city are the result of a popular, negative reaction to the anti-Islamic film maligning the Prophet Muhammad.  

Al-Shami said people express their anger through this slogan, in addition to calling on the boycotting of America and others.

Regarding the campaign that kicked off Wednesday to remove the Houthi slogans from Sana’a streets, Al-Shami said they faced nobody and they quarreled with no one. He said anybody who removes these slogans from public consumption is exposing himself to disgrace because he is only serving America.

On Monday, a Houthi affiliate was killed because of oral disputes in Al-Sila.

The Defense Ministry website reported that a Mercedes with five people inside interrupted militants on a motorcycle. The motorcycle militants were removing the Houthi slogans from walls in Al-Sila in Shaoub district. The website stated that after a dispute broke out, one of the militants on the motorcycle fired at those in the vehicle, killing one, and fled the scene.       

Houthis say the man shot and killed was Abas Mohammed Sharf Al-Deen; his life was taken while he was posting their slogans.

Salman Al-Amari, an Islamic writer and researcher, said the Houthis’ slogans have become provocative, indicating that Houthis misplace their slogans and speak of them at the wrong time.

“This slogan serves particular agendas and distorts the beauty of the capital city,” Al-Amari said.

He added that right now is not the time for slogans; people want to see tangible achievements.

“What do Houthis want from these slogans?” he asked.