Businessman Ahmed Hail Saeed Ana’am dies in Taiz

Published on 9 July 2012 in News
Mohammed Al-Samei (author)

Mohammed Al-Samei

Ahmed Hail Saeed Ana'am

Ahmed Hail Saeed Ana'am

TAIZ, July 8 — Well-known Yemeni businessman Ahmed Hail Saeed Ana’am died Wednesday in Taiz.

Journalist Taiseer Al-Samei said Ana’am died in his house and was later taken to the hospital.

Ana’am is the eldest son of the late businessman Hail Saeed Ana’am. He was born in the Hayfan district of Taiz in 1932, and he studied the Holy Qur’an, Arabic grammar and mathematics in the local religious school.

During his studies, he started working with his father, later becoming director of their importing company in Barbara, Somalia. He was the first Yemeni businessman to establish relations with the Soviet Union in 1957, was honored by Denmark in 1973 and received an honorary doctorate from the Africa International University.

He was a member of the administration of the Yemen Bank for Construction and Development.

Since 1970, Ana’am acted as chairman of the board of directors of Hail Saeed Ana’am Companies, chairman of various other companies, vice-chairman of the Hail Saeed Ana’am Charitable Group, head of the Commercial Chamber in Taiz and member of Arab Investors Union in Egypt.