Oman investigates infiltration of border by Al-Qaeda affiliated Ansar Al-Sharia

Published on 28 June 2012 in News
Muaad Al-Maqtari (author)

Muaad Al-Maqtari


SANA’A — Badr Bin Hamad Bin Hamoud Al-Busaidi, Secretary General of the Sultanate of Oman's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has said Oman’s security services received information that Al-Qaeda affiliates have infiltrated Oman by way of Yemen.

He said the matter is being investigated.

On Tuesday, Oman Newspaper quoted Al-Busaidi as saying Oman's security services follow everything that happens in the country to curb threats to the Sultanate and to all neighboring countries.

Al-Busaidi denied that security services caught any of the militants, saying the matter is very sensitive and must be kept between the two concerned countries.

He also said Oman is ready to confront any threats to the country and to its neighbors.

On June 13, the Yemeni military purged areas of Yemen's south of militants from Ansar Al-Sharia, a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda, forcing them out of a number of their strongholds in an all-out offensive.

Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi, governor of Shabwa governorate, said some militants escaped to Al-Mahra governorate, located on Yemen's eastern border with Oman, after they fled Azzan this past Saturday.

Al-Ahmadi told the 26 September news website, run by the Yemeni Defense Ministry, that the campaign to battle the militants was launched from the town of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa.

He added that Brigadier General Mohammed Hussien Al-Jumaee, commander of the Ataq military region, with other units from the 21st Mechanized Brigade, the Central Security Forces, Military Police and tribal fighters, participated in the campaign.