Al-Sabeen bombing suspect killed

Published on 21 June 2012 in News
Ahmed Dawood (author), Muaad Al-Maqtari (author)

Ahmed Dawood


Muaad Al-Maqtari

Security forces executed an operation that led to the death of Al-Jawhari and the arrest of one other suspected Al-Qaeda member.

Security forces executed an operation that led to the death of Al-Jawhari and the arrest of one other suspected Al-Qaeda member.

SANA’A, June 19 — The Supreme Security Committee announced a leading Al-Qaeda figure was killed and another Al-Qaeda-linked person arrested.

The two are suspected for involvement in a bomb blast targeting a military parade in Al-Sabeen Square, which resulted in the deaths of approximately 100 soldiers one day before National Unity Day on May 21.

A source at the Ministry of Defense said security forces killed Salah Al-Jahwhari, a man on most-wanted lists for three years.

The source said Al-Jawhari was recruited by Al-Qaeda after he killed Nashwan Al-Muraisi.

Security forces executed the successful operation in an area between the districts of Al-Zahir and Al-Had, which resulted in Al-Jawhari’s death, according to a source at the Supreme Security Committee.

The source said Al-Jawhari was responsible for leading terrorists in the district of Yafa as well as supervising suicide operations in Sana'a and Al-Bida governorates. Al-Jawhari was not the sole target of the operation; two others were killed.

The security apparatus at the Interior Ministry declared the arrest of Majid Hizam Al-Kalisi, believed have helped engineer the May 20 suicide bombing in Al-Sabeen Square. The source said Al-Kalisis’ group has plans for future attacks.

He also said Nizar Abdulrahman Al-Jamea, a Tunisian and one of the most dangerous Al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen, was arrested while traveling between Abyan, Shabwa and Hadramout with other suspected terrorists.

A massive military campaign was launched in Shabwa to uproot the strongholds of Ansar Al-Sharia while simultaneously sending heavily armored troops from the Eastern Military Region to back them.

The operation came just hours after a terrorist attack, carried out by Ansar Al-Sharia, which killed Major General Salem Qutn, commander of the Southern Military Region, near his home in Aden.

Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi, the governor of Shabwa, said military troops, along with the People's Committees, civilian fighter groups established to back the military, are determined to destroy Ansar Al-Sharia entirely.

Shabwa witnessed multiple confrontations between the military and Ansar Al-Sharia affiliates in the Al-Naqba area. The confrontations occurred after militants attacked troops entering the Azan area. The militants were eventually convinced to withdraw by tribal leaders who demanded they surrender their weapons to the People’s Committees fighters.