Soldiers’ death toll in Al-Sabeen bombing mounts to 100

Published on 24 May 2012 in News
Ahmed Dawood (author), Ahmed Dawood (photographer)

Ahmed Dawood


Ahmed Dawood

President Hadi ordred to take seriuos injured troops abroad for treatment.

President Hadi ordred to take seriuos injured troops abroad for treatment.

SANA’A — Ahmed Qasim Al-Ansi, the Yemeni Minister of Public Health, said that current casualty numbers from the Monday’s suicide bombing in Al-Sabeen Square stand at 100 killed and 311 injured, some in critical condition.

Four soldiers belonging to the Central Security forces died on Tuesday, in state-run hospitals in Sana’a, in addition to 96 deaths in Monday’s bombing.

Several other soldiers are in critical condition from serious injuries. President Hadi gave orders to take the seriously injured soldiers abroad for treatment.

Yahia Al-Arasi, President Hadi’s secretary, said in a press statement that several soldiers were taken to Jordan and Germany to receive treatment at the behest of President Hadi.

The French Embassy declared in a statement on Tuesday that it took six seriously injured soldiers to Djibouti’s Military Hospital to receive treatment.   

Moreover, it indicated that French military doctors and regional medical advisors identified soldiers who can’t be treated in Yemen to be taken to Djibouti, with more to be taken later.

The National Unification Day celebration was moved from Al-Sabeen Square indoors to the College of Aviation because the risk of attack in the open Al-Sabeen Square.

The celebration was attended by President Hadi and several senior officials. They all appeared behind bulletproof glass. Only military college students participated in the indoor celebration, whereas other military units were excluded.

“Today’s celebration comes in response to the terrorists’ savage suicide bombing in Al-Sabeen, intended to stop us from celebrating,” said Ahmad Al-Ashwal, Chief of the Military Staff, in a speech during the celebration.

“The barbaric attack in Al-Sabeen Square will not stop us from continuing war against the members [of Al-Qaeda], until we purge them from all of Yemen,” he added.

Meanwhile, several local and international statements were issued to condemn the attack. American President Barack Obama said in press statement after the NATO summit, held in Chicago, “We are worried about Al-Qaeda and its increasing influence in Yemen.” He pledged to continue working alongside the Yemeni government to uproot Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

The Yemeni authorities are currently investigating the terrorist attack in Al-Sabeen Square. The Ministry of Defense reported that a specialized team has begun the investigations. Moreover, the US offered to help in the investigations.

In a statement, the White House said that President Obama called President Hadi on Monday night and proposed to help investigate the attack.

The statement added that Hadi thanked Obama for his offer and showed willingness to continue fighting against Al-Qaeda.

While dead troops and wounded soldiers were taken to hospitals on Monday, Ansar Al-Sharia, an Al-Qaeda affiliated group based in Yemen, declared that “this action is the jihadists’ revenge for the war against Abyan.”

The statement explained that the bombing targeted the Defense Minister and other senior military leaders cooperating with the Americans and Saudis in the war on terror.