Suspected American Air Strikes hit militants in Wadi Hadramout

Published on 21 May 2012 in News
Saleh Al-Batati (author)

Saleh Al-Batati

It is the first time that areas of Hadramout have been targeted by US drone strikes. The action sparked the people’s anger towards such airstrikes.

It is the first time that areas of Hadramout have been targeted by US drone strikes. The action sparked the people’s anger towards such airstrikes.

HADRAMOUT — Suspected American drones hit convoy of two cars carry militants in an area near Shibam of Wadi Hadramout last Thursday.

“Three militants of Ansar Al Sharia were killed and four managed to flee” a security source said.” Among them were a prominent leader of Al-Qaida militants called Al-Raimi” the source added. The three killed were in the first car which was full of weapons, bombings and ammunitions. The other car was damaged and the survived four Jihadists were taken to the north of Shibam Hadramout district by their comrades in Hailox truck twenty five minutes after the attack, according to eye witnesses.

The strike took place in Buhaira area ,which is four kilometers away from Shinbam, Hadramout ,at 12:45am on Thursday.Columns of smokes and blazes were seen by residents  and the sound of the drone was heard 15 kilometers.

According to Jidhadist organization observers, Ansar Alsharia affiliates Al- Qaida in the Arabian Peninsulas (AQAP) and move actively in districts of Shibam, Qatn, Amd and eastern areas of Tareem.”logistic support is offered by cleric areas and other organizations in order for Hadramout to become a berrdinf ground for al Qaida after Abyan  has recently witnessed a decline in number of Jihadists” they claimed.

Hadramout had never experienced such drones before.Peple of different walks of life strongly condemned the suspected American drones, considering it an initial preparation for a war against them.

The Southern Martyr Camp(SMC) in Wadi Hadramout issued a statement on Thursday. The statement deemed the American air strikes  as an infringement of tranquility of People in Hadramout.

The stamtement recited by lawyer Ahmed Hubais , the head of the law committee of SMC.”The phase of final peaceful confrontation and full fledge sit in are close,” Hubais said”The ploy for spreading terrorism that pave the way for military intervention by the evil power will be thwarted,” he added.

Abdullah Bin Faisal Al- Ahdal, deputy of Sunni Sheikh organization in Hadramout denounced what he called the foreign meddle, calling the government to put an end for it and consider this issue seriously to to spare the country the imperils of a war. Al- Ahdal asked the Yemeni  government not to form any alliances with the western countries.

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