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Fatima Al-Selwi

“Yemeni women have great abilities”

Published on 25 March 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Interview

Yemen has for long ranked poorly in gender equality. The Global Gender Gap Report, released annually by the World Economic Forum, has repeatedly ranked Yemen dead last.

Despite this, Fatima Al-Selwi, the businesswomen office director at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sana’a’s Capital Secretariat, is optimistic things are changing.

Despite the resignation of the Cabinet on Jan. 22 the UNHCR continues to work with deputy ministers, according to Johannes van der Klaauw.

‘Despite its poverty, Yemen is the most hospitable’

Published on 23 March 2015 by Ali Aboluhom in Interview

Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, is heavily dependent on international aid by donor countries and international organizations.

“If politics divide us, let humanity bring us together”

Published on 30 November -1 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Interview

The National Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking in Yemen, established in 2009, addresses the issue of human trafficking through awareness-raising campaigns, workshops, and advocacy in government.

Prominent Nasserist Party member to the Yemen Times: “We aim to protect the country from plunging into civil war”

Published on 12 March 2015 by Bassam Al-Khameri in Interview

As the country slips into further turmoil, dialogue between political parties and armed groups has failed to provide any results. The Houthis control large swathes of the north of Yemen, and Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi claims, from the southern port city of Aden, to be the legitimate president.

Dr. Amal Hassan, the “youngest and best surgeon of the year”

Published on 25 February 2015 by Ali Aboluhom in Interview

Dr. Amal Hassan, a Yemeni physician who is only 30 years old, was recently honored at the Arab Health Conference held in Dubai from Jan. 26 to 29, 2015.

“Hadi remains the legitimate president of the country”

Published on 23 February 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Interview

When a new government was formed following the 2011 uprising, the Islah Party was one of the biggest winners. Yet today, the party holds little sway against the Houthis, a militant group which has taken over much of northern Yemen. When the Houthis started their expansion from their home governorate of Sa’ada toward Amran, eventually taking Sana’a in September 2014, the group targeted prominent Islahi businessmen, military leaders, politicians, and organizations affiliated with the party.

Anti-child marriage campaigner to the Yemen Times: ‘Do not deny them their happiness’

Published on 18 February 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Interview

Amal Al-Jaradi heads the National Initiative for Combating Child Marriage, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness and providing support to victims of child marriage. Struggling against a widespread practice that is deeply engrained in much of Yemeni society, Al-Jaradi is under no illusions about the obstacles she faces. In its most recent survey in 2011, Human Rights Watch estimated that 15 percent of Yemeni girls were married before the age of 15 and more than half before 18. Forced into marriage at 15 herself, Al-Jaradi is intimately aware of the suffering that child brides experience. Determined to eradicate the practice she calls “legitimized rape,” Al-Jaradi began her initiative in 2013. She spoke with the Yemen Times about the issue and what her initiative is doing to address it.

Ahmed Al-Qubati is one of several men who have accused the Houthis of torture in the past week alone. Photos circulating on social media show that the men were all beaten on their buttocks. Critics of the Houthis say that the group chose this spot on the

Tortured by the Houthis

Published on 16 February 2015 by Ahlam Mohsen in Interview

Ahmed Al-Qubati, 54, is a high-ranking member of the Nasserite party. He was abducted by the Houthis during a demonstration commemorating the four year anniversary of Yemen’s 2011 uprising on Feb. 11. Below is Al-Qubati’s account of the torture he endured during his two days of detention, as well as his thoughts on Yemen four years on.

Socialist Party foreign relations head to the Yemen Times: “Any efforts based on force and violence… will end in failure and will not be ac

Published on 9 February 2015 by Ali Aboluhom in Interview

Following the Houthis’ Feb. 6 announcement of a 551 member transitional council and a five member presidential council, the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) released a statement the next day calling the move a “risk as it could lead to the violation of national sovereignty.”

Al-Arood Square spokesperson to the Yemen Times: “We are telling the entire world that the southern people want to regain their state.”

Published on 5 February 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Interview

Protesters have been camped out in Aden city’s Al-Arood Square since Oct. 14, 2014. Their demand is clear: Independence for the southern people. How they—along with the rest of the south—plan to gain back their former status as citizens of South Yemen, is less clear.