Meetings push government and Houthis closer towards “reconciliation”

Published on 29 March 2012 in News
Mohammad Al-Samei (author)

Mohammad Al-Samei


SA’ADA, March 28 — Faris Mana'a, the governor of Sa’ada governorate, has said that that the outcomes of meetings between a government delegation and governorate officials were constructive, and also pointed out that the governorate will take part in the upcoming national dialogue on condition that the interim government assume its constitutional and legal responsibilities toward Sa’ada.

Mana'a told the Yemen Times that such responsibilities involve the governorate's economic, social, security and development conditions, and asked the interim governorate to end “illegal practices used by the ministries of finance and education against the governorate,” here referring to the suspension of employee salaries.

He added that meetings resulted in reconciliation, and pointed out that the delegation had reviewed the general situation in Sa'ada.

A Houthi media source told the Yemen Times that the delegation visited Saada last Monday to review the situation and the governorate's problems, and started efforts to provide necessities and resolve problems there.

The committee was comprised of the Minister of Endowments and Guidance, State Minister Hassan Sharaf Al-Din, Shura Council member Ali al-Qaisi, members of parliament Ahmed Al-Kuhlani and Abdul-Karim Jadban and Defense Ministry Operations Chief Mohammad Al-Sufi.

Saleh Habrah, Head of the Houthis' Political Council, told the Yemen Times that the meeting's results were positive, and pointed out that the committee had promised to reconstruct Sa'ada, provide oil derivatives to the governorate, and address the consequences of conflicts and the matter of translating promises into reality.

Habrah said the issue of holding dialogues was hardly discussed, and indicated that the appropriate atmosphere is still lacking.

According to local sources, the committee held meetings with Sa'ada Governor Faris Mana'a, governorate military commanders, Houthi leaders, and executive office officials, sheiks and dignitaries.