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Picture of the week

Over a hundred thousand protesters are estimated to have attended the pro-government rally on Friday in response to protests by the Houthis on the same day calling for the toppling of the government. While the massive crowd yelled slogans in support of the republic and against the Houthis, the event was equal parts prayer. (Photo by Brett Scott)

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As the nation's diesel shortage continues, vehicle owners say they are spending three to four hours in long queues waiting to fill up. At this petrol station at Misbahi roundabout, Mohammed Ahmed Sayaf has been waiting one hour and expects to wait three more. He hopes to purchase 40 liters, but employees at the station say there is a 5 liter limit per customer. (Photo by Micah Reddy)

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There were two main demonstrations to mark the Day of Dignity on Tuesday. The Revolutionary Youth Council organized a march to Change Square and then to President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi’s home to demand the resignation of the General Prosecutor. A Houthi demonstration also marched to Change Square, before heading to the Cabinet building and demanding an end to the current reconciliation government. (Photo by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki)

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Modern meets traditional

A break dancer entertainers a crowd in Sana’a’s Old City on Friday during an event put on by The Basement. The event, called Art is the Daughter of Freedom, included dancers, an art exhibition, singers and a planned screening of Karamah Has No Walls. The screening was cancelled by security forces, who feared that a showing in the conservative area, inhabited by many Saleh supporters, would be problematic. The movie documents the 2011 uprising’s Day of Dignity, when snipers killed over 50 people at Change Square. (Photo by Shohdi Al-Sofi)

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A tamarhindi vendor works the bus station near Bab Al-Yemen. The recent warmer weather has been good for the Tamarhindi business. Tamarhindi is made from the sour fruit of the tamarind tree, full of B vitamins and calcium. (Photo by Ali Al-Moshki)

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A water vendor in front of Shumaila Hari Supermarket said since winter temperatures have dropped recently in Sana’a, he is having a tough time selling  his cold beverages. Photo by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki  

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TEDxSanaa: During his presentation at TEDxSanaa on Wednesday, Rafat Ali Al-Akhali encouraged Yemenis to re-evaluate the market and to get creative. Instead of selling necklaces made of jasmine for between $1 and $15, Yemenis could make jasmine oil and perfume, which could fetch $50 a bottle abroad, he said. Perfume would also require bottling and packaging, further expanding the economy, Al-Akhali said.  TEDxSanaa was held for the second year in a row in Yemen’s capital city. (Photo credit: TEDxSanaa )

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On Wednesday four Sana’a schools were recognized for their achievements in community service at the Cultural Center.  The Soul foundation sponsored the event.

On Wednesday four Sana’a schools were recognized for their achievements in community service at the Cultural Center.  The Soul foundation sponsored the event. Photo by Sina Al-Qubati

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Live from the Basement: Musicians performed original music and covers of their favorite hits on Oct. 19 at the Basement, including Guns ‘n Roses — Sweet Child O’ Mine; The White Stripes — Seven Nation Army; and Toxic Roulette — Highway to Hell. Pictured above: Amani Al-Battah (L) and Methal Hamadi perform an original piece together. Photo credit: the Basement

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After a three-day-long shutdown, the Gardens and Parks Administration has agreed to temporarily re-open Sabeen Park in light of the coming Eid Al-Adha holiday. The park was shuttered because the Capital Secretariat said the rides were installed 25 years ago and need to be inspected. A technical committee will inspect all rides and any questionable rides will remain closed, the administration said. The park was also shut down in 2011 when the former regime feared the youth movement would use it for protests and demonstrations.

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