Airstrikes continue in south Yemen

Published on 19 March 2012 in News
Fuad Mussed (author)

Fuad Mussed


ADEN – Military aircraft continued to target and bomb al-Qaeda locations in the southern governorate of Abyan on Sunday, local sources told the Yemen Times.

Fierce airstrikes carried out yesterday afternoon targeted militant hideouts in Ja’ar, an al-Qaeda stronghold and the second-largest town in Abyan, according to local sources.

The number of resulting casualties has not yet been revealed.

Local media outlets reported on Thursday that a US warship, stationed off the coast of Abyan, bombarded a post held by Ansar al-Shariah, the local offshoot of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, local farmers told the Yemen Times that heavy shelling had targeted agricultural lands and that it had badly damaged their corps.

“We are not sure whether Yemeni aircraft or US unmanned drones are responsible for the airstrikes,” said one farmer.

He added that he questioned the sense in shelling cultivated farms, and added that such acts leave the locals dismayed.

Local sources said that massive explosions had rocked Jaar over the past couple days, and that the explosions occurred the day after the US warship had launched an attack on militant posts.

According to local residents, the shelling targeted al-Musaimeer, located nearby Zinjubar, and areas in and around Ja’ar.