Dean of Police Academy dismissed

Published on 12 March 2012 in News
Mohammed Al-Samei (author)

Mohammed Al-Samei

Hussein Al-Othari, dean of the Police academy for 27 years, was fired this week after students protested and demanded his removal.

Hussein Al-Othari, dean of the Police academy for 27 years, was fired this week after students protested and demanded his removal.

SANA’A, March 11 – The Minister of Interior, Abdulqader Qahtan has fired the dean of the Police Academy, Hussein Al-Othari and replaced him with Mohammed Al-Asta’a, the senior instructor of the college, a security source told the Yemen Times on Saturday.

Qahtan attended the march organized by police academy students in front of President Hadi’s residence in the capital Sana’a. He assured the students that the dean has been dismissed along with most of the other college administrators.

The students of the college opposed the appointment of Al-Asta’a as the new dean. The minister declared, however, that this appointment will only be temporary until the president makes an official decision in the near future appointing somebody from outside of the college.

Officers and students of the college had marched to the front of the presidential residence located on Sixty Meter Road in Sana’a demanding the dismissal of the dean.

Jameel Al-Sallami, a student, and his classmates expressed their pleasure upon hearing the response of the minister to their demand that the dean be dismissed.

They expressed the hope that a replacement from outside the college is appointed as soon as possible. They maintained that students and officers have worked very hard to achieve this result despite being assaulted by security forces.

Al-Sallami said that the protests had occurred because the students had been deprived of their rights. He said that most services were not available for students and that they had to buy their own textbook for YR 15,000.

He also said that the food in the college is bad and some expired foodstuffs are being served to students. He added that even the police students’ uniforms had not been provided by the college.

Students have been given about two weeks break until a new dean is appointed by a presidential decision, according to Al-Sallami.

Colonel Jamal Rashid, a father of one of the students, said in a statement to the Yemen Times that the police students and officers had maintained their protest and demanded the dismissal the dean, Al-Othari, because of corruption within the college.

“Al-Othari had turned the college into his own property and had appointed people close to him in various departments and battalions,” Rashid said.

He added that the dean was supposed to retire ten years ago and had now held this office for 27 years.

Students of the college had previously organized protests and demonstrations in the campus of the college demanding the dismissal of Al-Othari. The most recent protests were last Monday.

Dozens of uprisings and protests have been sweeping military and civil institutions since late Dec. 2011 demanding the resignations of leaders accused of being corrupt.