Do you think Ali Abdullah Saleh will stay in Yemen after presidential power is handed over to Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi? Why?

Published on 5 March 2012 in Essays

Basam Al-Forari, 26, English teacher

According to my mind, he will not stay because he has committed lots of crimes. So he cannot live safely .He was granted immunity but it cannot protect him from victims’ families. They will look for him in order to take revenge.

Ali Naji Hadi, 24

Ali Saleh does not have a secure refuge in any place, particularly in Yemen. As we know, the curators of martyrs will not forgive or forget their sons and brothers who were killed in the revolution. I think the ousted president will stay outside Yemen to seek a safe place. And certainly, if he fled from people in the present life, he will not escape in the hereafter.

Khalid Al-Karimi, 23

I think the once Yemeni president will remain in Yemen. It does not make sense to assert that his departure is inevitable. He still has a safe atmosphere, particularly in the two years to come as President Hadi is at the helm. However, this is not the salient reason behind my thinking. Saleh appears to prefer to stay on the soil of Yemen whatever the consequences are to be. Mubarak, the former Egyptian president is an example. He pledged once in a speech to face his demise nowhere but in Egypt. Now he has been enclosed by imminent death which is better than fleeing. Thus, Saleh’s personality resembles Mubarak’s.

He may prefer the toughest choice over departure. In addition, Saleh has not been rendered infirm. He can pose threats if he seriously desires. Anyway, let us not be obsessed with his future destination. Actually, it is better to put aside the word “prosecution” and get focused on Yemen’s restoration. Our concerns should not be confined to the phrase “the prosecution of criminals.” We may cause the persecution of the whole nation while in pursuit of the word prosecution.

Nabeel Abdullah, 34, businessman

Ali Abdullah Saleh said that he would remain as general secretary of the GPC , but I don’t think that the sponsors of the initiative will allow him to settle in Yemen and he must stay away from the political dimensions for the safety of Yemen.

Sabreen Jamal 22, final year student

Ali Abdullah Saleh will never leave Yemen and he will stay because he still owns the power through Hadi. It’s not easy for him to go after 33 years in power in Yemen. There is a big possibility that he will be back through his son Ahmed after two years and the new presidential election because owning the power is in his blood.

Ibrahim Ahmed Rajeh, 22, student

My point of view is that I think he should stay in his original hometown of Sanhan, but if there’s a push against him from other countries to leave he will have no choice.


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