The revolution’s success

Published on 23 February 2012 in Essays
Sultan Munassar (author)

Sultan Munassar


February 21 represents a day of victory for Yemen's people – a day that has a distinguished flavor, as it will be the result of the ongoing peaceful revolution that has prevailed all over the country.

The revolutionaries have not retaliated, even in the face of repeated attacks against Change Squares throughout Yemen, and despite the fact people have access to weapons. The opposition parties unified themselves years ago and stood by the revolution, also participating effectively.

There weren't any disputes regarding the formation of a reconciliation government, and Yemenis proudly exhibited a great ease in using the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanism to get the country out from its challenging situation.

Surprisingly, the world has had a unified view of the Yemeni Revolution. International Security Resolution no. 2014 came together as a result of unanimous support, and nations around the world have stood in support of Yemeni unity.

Yemenis are generally unified against wrongs and tyranny, and their demands should continue to be in harmony as they seek to achieve justice, equality and the building of state institutions.

The nation is in need of a transitional term to re-order its big house, work out a schedule in order to resolve all its accumulated disputes, and to agree on the formation of a new political system.

We should be thankful that the uprising was peaceful; otherwise, the state would have completely collapsed. This is the reason why the international community was able to intervene smoothly and impose decisive resolutions. All praise and thanks to God that our country avoided an foreign military intervention

All objections and discouraging outlooks should be discarded for the sake of realizing the aims of our country. At the same time, Yemenis must have a real interest in actively participating in the upcoming elections. We require tranquility and stability if we are to improve our standard of living.

The Yemeni people are currently on the threshold of a great turning point in their lives and should not waste such a great chance, that of going to the ballot boxes and voting. Let's actively participate in this great democratic event and make February 21 a decisive day in the new history of Yemen.

Let us make it a great day. Let us be decision-makers and hurry to the pols; let us make our children’s' dreams come true; let us overcome all our complicated crises; let us see the light of freedom, equality and true democracy; let us build our country ourselves; and let's stop the bloodshed, homelessness, corruption and political monopoly.

Let's forget all the trouble and vengeance and sectarian conflicts. Let's look for poor and injured people and offer them a hand, regardless of race or language – let's try to relieve their sufferings, solve their problems, and at least provide the most basic foodstuffs; let's draw beautiful smiles on the faces of the needy; let's demonstrate our Islamic values and morals, and not only for our own kind people but for all the world; let's implement a spirit of coexistence, cooperation, philanthropy and a love of the welfare of all. I hope it will be so. Tomorrow is a new day – we should be highly prepared to make it better than today.