The Latest Buzz - 23 February, 2012

Published on 23 February 2012 in The Latest Buzz
Ramzy Alawi (author)

Ramzy Alawi


- A training course on armed conflict resolution at a tribal community level was concluded on Wednesday in Ibb governorate. The training, organized by Islamic Relief, ran for five days and targeted 30 participants from Al-Dhale governorate, enabling them to solve tribal and armed disputes in a peaceful manner.

- The Yemeni Parliament held an organizational meeting on Wednesday headed by speaker Yahya Al-Ra’ai after a discontinuation of several weeks. The meeting concluded that that the parliament will recommence its usual sessions on Saturday after approving the agenda and agreeing on certain legal and monitoring issues.

- Yemen will participate in the Friends of Somalia conference, which will be conducted in London next Wednesday headed by the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The conference will include 40 governments and international NGOs. Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi said that Yemen has been an important supporter of peace in the Horn of Africa and that its participation in the London conference is crucial.

- The uprising has cost Yemen more than $11 billion in material and financial losses. According to Minister of Trade and Industry, the economic losses reached 31 percent of Yemen’s total GDP, which is around $33 billion.

- A picture by photojournalist Fuad Al-Harazi showing an old toothless Yemeni lady smiling and raising her blue inked thumb after participating found wide appeal online and was recognized by Nashwan News website as the best photo of the elections.

- A video showing Ahmed Ali Saleh, son of the former president and head of the Republican Guards, voting for his father’s replacement Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi was the most popular videos on of the Yemeni elections on YouTube. It received hundreds of hits within hours of being posted online.

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