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YALI provides free English language scholarships for The Yemeni National Football Team

Published on 23 November 2014 by in Variety

SANA'A, Nov 20- The Yemeni American Language Institute announced that it would be providing full English language scholarships to all 22 members of the Yemeni  National Football team.

ADVERTORIAL: 2RSGroup / BSS holds Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment Training Course for PETROMASILA Yemen

Published on 30 October 2014 by Ramzy Alawi in Variety

2RSGroup for Industrial Training and Operating Successfully concluded  a Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment  (HIRA)Training Course for PETROMASILA in Yemen CPF.

Recipe of Ramadan: Kebab Hindi

Published on 15 July 2014 by Ussama Al-Khalil in Variety

Contrary to what the name might suggest, this simple, healthy and wonderfully tasty Syrian dish does not appear to have much Indian influence and is not heavily spiced. Like Damascene cuisine more generally, the key to this dish is its delicately balanced, fresh flavor. It is the ideal dish for breaking one’s fast with friends and family and can easily be cooked in large quantity.

Managing Editor Required

Published on 29 May 2014 by Ramzy Alawi in Variety

Article 19 winds up

Published on 20 May 2014 by Yemen Times Staff in Variety

In the final episode of the Article 19 radio show, callers were asked what they thought of the show and what they wanted the programs to address in the future?

People with disabilities & freedom of expression

Published on 13 May 2014 by Yemen Times Staf in Variety

Article 19 Radio Show this week discussed the issue of whether people with disabilities enjoy their rights, particularly freedom of expression.

Tribal structure and freedom of expression

Published on 24 April 2014 by in Variety

Article 19 radio show this week discussed freedom of expression for members of a tribe and the importance of individual members expressing their opinions, instead of simply following orders of the tribe’s sheikkh.

Ahmed Mujahed Abu Ghanem, a leading sheikh of Arhab from one of the strongest tribes in the north of Yemen, and Mohammed Al-Salahi, a writer who has been writing extensively on tribes and tribal issues, spoke on the matter.

Religious and cultural expression

Published on 17 April 2014 by in Variety

Article 19 radio show this week discussed the freedom of expression and respect for religious and cultural diversity.

Freedom of expression and economic prosperity

Published on 10 April 2014 by in Variety

Article 19 radio show this week discussed the influence of freedom of expression on economic development and community participation in economic issues.
Abdulelah Taqi, a journalist who has written extensively on economics, spoke about this issue.

Freedom of religious expression

Published on 3 April 2014 by in Variety

Article 19 radio show this week discussed the diversity of religious sects in Yemen, freedom of religious expression, freedom to perform religious rituals in light of sectarian disagreements, as well as accusations of blasphemy.
Lawyer and journalist Ali Al-Bukhaiti, Nabeel Al-Bukairi, a writer and thinker and lawyer, Ali Al-Serari, were interviewed in this week’s program.