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Mahdi Ali Al-Jedai with his son, performing guard duty, at the empty Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb School, on Thursday, Dec. 11.

Schools in Sana’a change weekend schedule

Published on 18 December 2014 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in Report

“The Houthis have provided a great service to us,” claimed Mohammad Al-Jabri, a local resident of Sana’a governorate’s Sanhan district. “The prophet Mohammad commanded us to oppose the Jews in everything they do, now, we’re doing just that,” he added.

Yemeni Hashemites, heir to a powerul Imamate that once ruled over northern Yemen, make up roughly twelve percent of the population. (

Preserving the bloodline: Hashemites in Yemen

Published on 18 December 2014 by Mohammad Al-Khayat in Report

“I loved her so much,” said Marwan Al-Marwani, remembering the woman he never got to marry.

Thousands of Yemenis who fled fighting in Sa’ada continue to wait for their homes to be reconstructed. (

Plight of Sa’ada IDPs continues four years after conflict ends

Published on 18 December 2014 by Bassam Al-Khameri in Report

It has been four years since clashes between the military and Houthis in Sa’ada governorate came to an end. Residents of Sa’ada displaced by the fighting are yet to return home, however, as they continue to wait for properties damaged in the conflict to be reconstructed.

Dina Al-Mashhari, only 23 years old, combined her love of make-up with her love of chemistry and hopes to make a career of it.

A story of entrepreneurship: From chemistry class to make-up manufacturer

Published on 16 December 2014 by Nasser Al-Sakkaf in Report

Once a niche market, organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as consumers learn about the often-touted benefits of organic products. While there is a growing distrust of mainstream brands and the pseudo-scientific claims they make, popular alternatives are still left wanting, particularly in Yemen.

Many of the displaced have resorted to living in caves in the surrounding mountains, in neighboring villages, or in school houses, mosques, or the homes of local residents.

This article has photo galleryClashes in Rada’a have left thousands internally displaced

Published on 16 December 2014 by Amal Al -Yarisi in Report

Since October, Rada’a city has been engulfed in a spiral of violence between Houthis, members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and allied tribesmen. The ongoing fighting has effected a number of neighboring towns and villages, leaving thousands displaced.

Luke Somers (

Remembering Luke through his own words

Published on 11 December 2014 by in Report

A friend of Yemen was taken from us this week. In honor of Luke’s friendship and solidarity, the Yemen Times wanted to put together a tribute to honor his time and work in Yemen. But, in the end, we found Luke’s words more elegant and revealing of his character than ours.

Facebook photo led to bomb threats: The director of the Basement speaks about the backlash of going hijab-free

Published on 11 December 2014 by The Yemen Times in Report

Threats against high-profile women such as Tawakkol Karman are concerning, but probably not surprising to most people. But when Shaima Jamal, a 23-year-old political science student at Sana’a University was targeted along with Karman in May and June, the threats raised more than a few eye-brows.

Deteriorating conditions have pushed many Yemenis to seek opportunity abroad, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Greater opportunity and increased income offer attractive prospects, but need to be weighed against the stigma that comes with refugee status. (ala

Increased number of immigrants leaving Yemen since August

Published on 11 December 2014 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in Report

Persistent instability and a rapidly deteriorating economy are nothing new in Yemen. However, the latest round of protests that began in August and the Houthi expansion that followed have pushed many Yemenis to the brink, prompting a growing number to seek opportunity abroad.

Local pipelines are being diverted to high powered water pumps, enabling residents to siphon off a greater share of the city’s dwindling water supplies. (Photo by Nasser Al-Sakkaf)

Stealing water in times of crisis

Published on 11 December 2014 by Nasser Al-Sakkaf in Report

Hamed Najib’s apartment, located in the Adhban neighborhood in Sana’a, has not received water from the government’s public utilities network for more than five months. Although Yemen is known to suffer from water scarcity, according to Najib this is an unusually long period of time.

Bus drivers say gangs wait for them along their routes to also collect a cut. Bus drivers who refuse to pay end up with smashed windows and worse, said one bus driver to the Yemen Times, who learned that lesson the hard way.

Extortion on the streets: The life of a bus driver in Sana’a

Published on 9 December 2014 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in Report

Abdul Nasser Al-Qafri, 50, has been working as a microbus driver in Sana’a for the last 15 years. He arrives at the Shumaila Sixty Meter station every day at 5 a.m., hoping each day that he can make a few hundred extra riyals before the other drivers arrive.