Youth Talk: Do you believe in the law of attraction?

Published on 30 January 2012 in Essays
Yemen Times Staff (author)

Yemen Times Staff


Do you believe in the law of attraction, where you bring into your life whatever you think about? Have you ever thought something will happen and it does? Or remembered someone and then they call?


Khalid Al-Karimi, 23, student

The so-called the law of attraction has recently come to be celebrated. Personally, I happened to read about it while surfing the net. Absolutely, it drew my attention because the title involved the word ‘’attraction’’.  

Seemingly, the law of attraction bears a sense, but it is not a solid reality. There are certain qualms in relation to its predictions. I may find my head busy thinking about someone. Instantly, an SMS surprises my mobile phone. Even if I’m fully convinced, the law of attraction can neither bring me what God has not destined for me nor can it circumvent the good or evil that God inevitably has in store for me.


Omalkhair Asker, 23, student

The law of attraction is something that everyone needs to believe in because we have it in our religion. I do believe in this law and I follow it by attracting good things to my mind and my life.

For example, I was always believe that someday I will be something big and by the end of 2011 I received a call from the UN telling me that I had been selected as the most successful refugee of the year.


Gamal Alghazaly, 30, computer engineer

I believe in such a law because many things have happened to me to prove it. One day I was thinking of my classmate Osama and suddenly he passed in front of me, and when he saw me, he was surprised he told me that he was thinking of me at the same time.


Saadiah Hassan Shoaee’, 30, employee

I totally believe in the law of attraction because it spiritually connects people. When I face problems, my late father comes in my dreams and gives advice. Also I’ve been in a relationship with someone for three years and we faced many problems but we believed sincerely that we would get married and now it’s happening.


Mohammed Omer, 23, student

I don’t believe in it as it’s too hard to make your brain practice happy thoughts all the time and think they will happen. I believe that we must insist on having what we want and working for it, although sometimes fate does its work against all plans.


Ali Mohammed Bamatraf, 25, final year student

I do believe in the law of attraction but not 100 percent. I think it happens when you think deeply about something you want to have but it doesn’t work for everyone because it needs a strong will. Sometimes it happens in a negative way like I faced in a subject I was afraid I would fail. I kept thinking it and even though I studied hard, in the end I failed that subject.


Muhannad Abdulllah, 25, final year student

It’s like our prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said; be optimistic and you will find goodness. I believe in the law of attraction and use it to achieve what I want in life.


Jadel Ahmed, 24, student

I read about the law of attraction before and it really changed my thinking. When I was a first year student I really hated one of my subjects; I considered it too difficult and thought that I would never pass it. When I read about this law I tried to convince myself that it was easy and told myself that I could pass. I was surprised when I passed it with high marks. It’s all about controlling your thoughts so you attract what you want to your reality. 


Hashim Hamood Hashim, 27, employee

For me the law of attraction is a way of living my life. I believe in it and that it can make dreams come true. If I think strongly about something I want, I believe I can attract it to me. Through this thinking I came first in my class as a computer science engineer, a team leader, and a filmmaker and director just because I kept thinking positively and attracted good things to my life.


Ahlam Abdulmallik, 22, student

Personally I started to believe in this law after I watched a documentary film called “The Secret” three years ago, which talks about the law of attraction. It really changed my thinking and showed me how to bring things to my life. The law of attraction already exists in Islam but we don’t use it in the right way. I always gain what I think about. For example, I was thinking to travel but I didn’t have enough money; I kept thinking about the place that I wanted to go to and I was surprised when my aunt brought me some money allowing me to do so.


Rasheed Kandash, graduate

I don’t entirely believe in the law of attraction but according to our ancestors’ beliefs, if someone talks about somebody else in a positive or negative way, it will cause them a cough or an itchy hand.

Sometimes, a sore throat is caused by someone who remembers someone else badly. In addition, an itch on the left hand means that you will get money that day; on the right hand it means that you will pay money according to our old thoughts and believes.

But frankly, these things take place by chance and these beliefs aren’t scientifically proven.


Wala’a Almaktari

The law of attraction is a controversial topic, as some people believe in it while others don’t. Personally, I do believe in it for it allows us to control our circumstances. This law can work for or against you; whatever you focus on you’re going to get. To take advantage of this law, set some goals you want to achieve, focus on them you’ll find yourself automatically working and getting them, God willing.


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