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Issue #1802


Many stores in Sana’a specialize in selling cassettes with religious songs that support specific political and religious groups in Yemen. (

The politics and business of religious songs in Yemen

Published on 24 July 2014 by Dares Al-Badani in Report

“The other day I went to buy a cassette with religious songs and was surprised when the vendor asked me whether I am associated with the Houthis, the Islah Party, or any other party so that he could pick an appropriate song for me,” says Omar Abdulaziz Naji, a 28-year-old resident of Sana'a.

Ramadan in Bani Matar

Published on 24 July 2014 by Luca Nevola in Report

How the Houthis disrupted a community’s social fabric

An increasing numer of visitors use the steps, open spaces, and green areas surrounding the Saleh Mosque as a park.

The contested space of Saleh Mosque

Published on 24 July 2014 by Mohammed Al-Khayat in Report

The Saleh Mosque in Sana’a is a highly contested space, both politically as well as culturally.