Faltering project receives new loan

Published on 5 January 2012 in News
Abdulkarim Al-Nahari (author)

Abdulkarim Al-Nahari

Laying down asphalt in 2007 on the 254 km road which connects Dhamar to Hodeida, started in 1981, the work has not been completed yet . Photo by Abdulkarim Al-Nahari

Laying down asphalt in 2007 on the 254 km road which connects Dhamar to Hodeida, started in 1981, the work has not been completed yet . Photo by Abdulkarim Al-Nahari

DHAMAR, Jan 4 – The Parliament approved in its session on Jan 2, 2012 a second loan for the 254 km Dhamar–Hodeidah intercity road which has been faltering since 1981. The loan was provided by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development at USD 42 million as an additional loan to the USD 50 million in 2003.


However, this time the parliament decided to form a parliamentarian committee to follow up the project’s implementation and investigate reasons behind any delay previously or in the future.


A member of the local council of Dhamar, Abdo Ali Alawi said that this road is considered  one of the most important strategic roads as it connects two important cities and passes through high populated areas such as "Jhran, Ans, Maghreb Ans , and Autmah and high and low Wisab"


“It contributes to the promotion of commercial, agricultural and tourism activities in those areas who were isolated because of the difficult terrain,” he said.


Al-Alawi also indicated that the motivation to implement this long-awaited project started since the late seventies of the last century as it was seen a necessity to serve the western part of the country.


The project was started in the early eighties by the cooperatives similar to today’s Local Councils today. The work stopped because of a number of management and tribal problems and was started again in 1997 only to stop until date.


Abdo Mohammed Saad, a businessman from Dhamar, said that the community has been waiting for this project for a long time. “Whenever we hear that it is coming back in the news we become hopeful for the dream to come true.”


Saad who had worked for many years abroad compares development in his country with other places and feels resentful that nothing much has improved in Yemen.


“But we count on the new government to complete this project which we consider the key of development in our region,” he said.


Another member of Dhamar Local Council Dr. Mohammed Hamid Mesbahi, urged the Ministry of Public Works and Highways to speed up the implementation of the road and not repeat the mistakes of the past.


“The ministry should take into account the technical specifications of the road as it is considered one of the most important ways that contributes so much in tourism in Yemen as it passes through areas which are characterized with their diversity of tourist destinations such as natural tourism, mountain climbing, historical and archaeological sites such as in Autmah nature reserve and Wesaeen Mountains.”


Human rights activist Amira Mohammed said that the implementation of this road will significantly reduce security incidents such as kidnapping, car hijacking and armed conflict.

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