Activists launch revolution salvation front

Published on 2 January 2012 in News
Sadeq Al-Wesabi (author), Nadia Abdullah (author)

Sadeq Al-Wesabi


Nadia Abdullah

Leaders of the front say they want to boost the revolution and protect it.   Photo by Nadia Abdullah

Leaders of the front say they want to boost the revolution and protect it. Photo by Nadia Abdullah

SANA'A — A group of activists and revolutionaries with different political affiliations established the Revolution Salvation Front last Thursday.


The front aims to protect the goals and cohesion of revolution movement, to boost peaceful efforts and to fight the monopolizing strength of political powers at Sana'a's Change Square.


The front stated that opposition political parties have dealt with the revolution as though it were a political crisis. It criticized concessions made by the opposition political parties and accused those parties of helping the regime.


In an official statement, the front said that the Gulf power transfer deal gave the regime an instrument of forgiveness and granted President Saleh and his inner circle immunity from prosecution.


The front called for Yemenis to be faithful to the martyrs' wishes and to defend the revolution by escalating activity.


Farooq Al-Hakimi, a member of the front's preparatory committee, told the Yemen Times that the aim of the front is to protect the revolution and to face monopolizing powers.


He said that the National Unity Government doesn't deal with the revolutionaries' demands seriously and that it has no intention to deal with this issue. "The current government doesn't respect any constitution or law,” said Al-Hakimi


Al-Hakimi said that the opposition political parties asked the revolutionaries to break up the sit-in around Change Square and to abort the revolution. 


He urged Yemenis to continue their struggle and to demand decent job opportunities, infrastructure, health services and a good education.


Al-Hakimi accused the Islah Party of monopolizing Change Square and its events. "Change Square needs dialogue and the participation of all parties. We must reinforce democracy and refuse the banishment of other people and entities," he said.


Criticizing the Islah party, he continued: "They prepare themselves to take power by any means. They will come with a 'big stick' under the name of Islam. They are arrogant and they don't accept other people." 


Ahmed Saif Hashed, a member of the front, said that the front was established to unite the revolutionaries and break the monopoly on political representation.


Hashed stressed the importance of the front's aim to create a balance in Yemen's political scene and to face the Gulf Initiative that excluded powers such as the Southern Movement and Houthis.


He stated that the new government cannot achieve the revolution's aims, and indicated that the Gulf Initiative is based on international and regional interests.