300 new shelters built for refugees

Published on 29 December 2011 in News
Yemen Times Staff (author)

Yemen Times Staff

UNHCR builds 300 shelters in Kharaz camp

UNHCR builds 300 shelters in Kharaz camp

ADEN — The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has signed a contract to begin construction on 300 new shelters at Lahj Governorate’s Kharaz Camp, where close to 3,000 Somali refugees currently live in tents.


Kharaz camp currently hosts nearly 17,000 refugees, the majority of which are Somalis. 


Aden’s UNHCR Sub Office signed the contract to build 300 new housing structures with Al-Magd Est. for Trading and Contracting.


For those that currently live in shelters at Kharaz Camp, their housing consists of one shared room and a latrine.  1,700 such shelters are spread out over 71 blocks.


Though Yemen has been providing shelter for Somali refugees since 1991, the Kharaz Camp, established by the UNHCR, has acted as the sole camp for housing refugees in the southern governorates since 2000. 


The 3,000 refugees without shelters currently live in 700 tents in an area specifically designed for such living.  Some families have lived in the tents for up to 3 years’ time.


The new shelters are intended to drastically improve the living conditions for such refugees. 


Naveed Hussain, Yemen’s UNHCR representative said during a visit to Kharaz Camp in November that “UNHCR remains committed to do whatever is possible to continue to improve the living conditions in the camp.”


Despite the unrest in Yemen refugees flow to Yemen’s coasts coming from the horn of Africa particularly Somalia, Ethiopia and Eretria is still on rise for security and economic reasons in their homelands.