Springboard training for women with disabilities

Published on 29 December 2011 in Variety
Yemen Times Staff (author)

Yemen Times Staff


Thirty disabled Yemeni women will receive career development training from the British Council, in coordination with the Khuth Biyadi charity organization for people with disabilities. Called Springboard training sessions, they are designed to help to empower disabled people to succeed in the job market and will commence on Saturday.

This was the third Springboard training session held in Yemen.

Ibtisam Haythami, a trainer for the program, said that the workshop's goal is to create a starting point for women from which they can aim for higher achievements.

“We want to help women, even those with disabilities, to understand their abilities and potential,” she said.

The training program consists of four workshops. In each workshop, trainees learn new skills and learn from the experiences of prominent and successful Yemeni women.

Hayat Mohammed, who has a hearing disability, hopes that after this course she will be able to better deal with others and organize her thoughts and priorities.

“I work as a teacher in a deaf and dumb school and I want to empower my students; this will only happen if I am confident enough,” she said.

Sabah Mohammed, who is physically disabled, was very excited to be a part of the training. She is a second-year student pursuing her BBA and is a mother of two children.

“I have so many ideas and ambitions...a lack of focus doesn't help me achieve my goals. I will follow through with this training to completion to get my career on track,” she said.

 Huda Al-Raimi, responsible for social research and health at the Khuth Biyadi organization, also participated in the training. She said that it will enable her to better perform her job and help the members and beneficiaries of her organization fulfill their potential.

Previous Springboard training sessions held in Yemen reached 50 women.

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