The Latest Buzz - 15 December, 2011

Published on 6 February 2012 in The Latest Buzz
Nadia Al-Saqqaf (author)

Nadia Al-Saqqaf


Tentative agreements between honorary President Saleh and Ali Mohsin have been reached to remove armed men, from both sides, to at least 200 kilometers outside the capital, Sana’a.

Security authorities prevented two prisoners escaping from Rada’a prison and captured criminals who shot at the prison guards last Monday, killing one of the guards.

Employees of the Saba News Agency branch in Aden announced a strike beginning on Saturday in protest against not receiving their wages or expenses for more than five months.

The newly appointed Interior Minister ordered the release of all the detained Yemenis, estimated to be around 1,400, arrested because of their involvement in the uprising over the last ten months.

UNDP’s Hadramout and Al-Mahara reconstruction projects in coordination with the Ministry of Works are organizing a workshop on early warning systems in order to prepare for any natural disasters that might occur in the areas.

Students and teachers of Al-Wazeer school in Shuoob district in Sana’a continued their strike, which began on Tuesday in protest against the armed men they term “thugs”. The men are camping near the school and have molested one of the female teachers.

The chief executive of Canadian Nexen has travelled to Yemen to discuss the company’s operations with the new government. The previous government refused to renew the contract on Nexen’s main field in Yemen, which expires on December 17. Instead it said a newly-created, state-owned PetroMasila would take over the declining field.

Gen. Brigadier Ahmed Saleh, chief commander of the Republican Guards, and President Saleh’s son, is said to have travelled to Paris for an unofficial visit.

A seminar on the priorities of media in Yemen’s coming phase has been organized by the Media Economic Center for Thursday at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate. The seminar will talk about professional requirements and press freedom.

A number of soldiers in the marine forces responsible for protecting liquid gas produced in Shabwa demanded an investigation into corruption, which they claim was widespread in the project.

A protest by the revolutionary youth in Aden was organized on Tuesday in support of Taiz protesters. The Adani youth vowed to hold accountable those responsible for the killings of civilians in Taiz.

Three soldiers and four armed men were killed, while 18 were injured in armed conflict between state security and armed men from Al-Qaeda in Zunjubar, Abyan which is controlled by Al-Qaeda.

A training course on implementing media campaigns for civil society organizations concluded on Tuesday. The course was funded by several donors.