Yemen’s would-be Gulf Star

Published on 31 December 2011 in News
Marwa Najmaldeen (author)

Marwa Najmaldeen

Najeeb Al-Mukbeli

Najeeb Al-Mukbeli


SANA’A — Yemeni singer Najeeb Al-Mukbeli, 26, contesting at the third season of Gulf Star has qualified for finals of the Gulf top music talent music program after passing all previous stages with the highest votes as well as the decision of the contest judges. 


With this, Najeeb is close to becoming be the second Yemeni singer to win the competition following Fuad Abdulwahid who did that during the 2010 season.


Najeeb attracted attention as an exceptional talent early in the contest when he was chosen among other Arab singer to participate in the 13-week event that commenced on September 16 and will be concluded next Friday.


Gulf Star is the biggest TV program of its kind in the Arab world and it gives opportunity to Arab young hopefuls to show off their talents and ascend to stardom provided they sing in Gulf dialect.


The Gulf Star team visits Arab capitals in search of talents that perform Gulf’s best singers’ songs. The contest starts with 15 contenders who would succeed or fail by means of public votes.


The contest judges are Kuwaiti renowned singer Abdullah Al-Rwaished, UAE singer Fayez Al-Saeed and Lebanese singer Yara.


Najeeb was given some titles by fans on Facebook and Twitter during the competition including Jesmi Junior (Jesmi is a UAE megastar) and Yemen’s star as described by the panel of judges.


Faris al-Imad, 23, said that it was not fair to introduce Najeeb in this season, not because he is not good enough, but because of the current situation in Yemen and the various crises including lack of power that limited his opportunities to be known and thus cheered by his countrymen, who have been ardent audience of the program from the very beginning. “Nevertheless,” continued Faris, “Najeeb’s abilities and talent will make him our second star after Fuad Abdulwahid and as Yemenis we have to find this a reason for us to rejoice and vote for Najeeb especially in this crisis that has burdened us for ten months.”


Ms. Amal Tahir,27, a clerk, said that last year, newspapers and other media were following up, cheering and encouraging the public to vote for Yemeni contestants. “Najeeb is not less gifted than Fuad, but his luck is not as good,” she said, “and there’s also mobile companies late support. But now they have decided to do that and specified 13 to vote for him.”


Aseel Abdul Hakim, 25, an electrician from Aden, said that people of Aden are staunch fans of Najeeb who is from the same city and that they are confident that he would win, “because the votes he’s getting are not only from Yemen, but also from other Arab states. So Najeeb is not the star of Aden or Yemen alone, but the star of the Gulf. No doubt about it.”