Power outages countrywide

Published on 31 December 2011 in News
Sadeq Al-Wesabi (author)

Sadeq Al-Wesabi


SANA'A — Continuing power outages in Sana'a and other governorates continue to arouse the anger of Yemeni citizens.


Power cuts have sharply increased this year, leaving many people to resort to buying generators. Those lacking the means to purchase a generator remain, for the most part, without power.


Abdul-Rahman Saif, a general manager of the gas-powered generation plant in Marib Governorate, told the Yemen Times that a team of engineers has been working hard to maintain damaged power supply lines in the war-torn Naqeel bin Ghailan and Bait Dahran areas, 20km outside Sana'a.


"Our engineers have repeatedly stopped working after they hear gunfire in these areas."


"If the situation improves, the power cuts will stop. We want guarantees that our team will be protected," he said. "Actually, the best guarantee would be an end to the conflicts and fighting.”


Speaking about the difficulties he and his team have face this year, Saif said, "Bandits have stolen our equipment and kidnapped our teams. We have also suffered from an increase in the price of spare parts and transportation."


In other areas such as Aden and Hadramout governorates, residents don't suffer from power cuts at all.


"These governorates have isolated electricity networks and available fuel. There is no banditry taking place there," said Saif. "Northern governorates suffer from fuel shortages, fighting and banditry. All of these problems have affected electricity availability."


Last Tuesday, newly-married Amat Al-Khaleq Al-Haradhi, from Thula in Amran Governorate, died after inhaling gas in a bathroom.


"Because of power outages and the inability to use a water heater, she brought a cooker to the bathroom to heat water for a shower. She died soon after inhaling the gas as the bathroom was very narrow and closed," her cousin, Ibrahim Al-Ghubari, told the Yemen Times.


Al-Ghubari said that many residents in his area have been using the same method to be able to take showers with warm water. He added that the area averages 21 hours a day of power outages.