Political agreement to transfer power in Yemen

Published on 13 February 2012 in News
Shatha Al-Harazi (author)

Shatha Al-Harazi


SANAA, Nov. 2 — A political agreement appears to be approaching between President Saleh and the opposition parties to ease the handing of power to his vice president.

However, since March, the Gulf nations, the European Union, the USA and most recently the UN Security Council have been trying to push for Saleh to step down, which he has not yet done.

President Saleh said on Sunday that he would delegate power to his deputy, Abd Al-Rabu Mansuer Hadi, who is currently on a health trip to the US, allowing him more authority – including the power to call an early election.

According to the information minister deputy Abdo Al-Jandai,

Hadi will be back on Thursday.

“They are supposed to sign the imitative on Friday,” said a political analyst who wished to remain anonymous. He added that the GCC secretary general who worked on developing the dialogue between Saleh and the JMP refused to come to Yemen this time unless Saleh gave guarantees that he was serious.

The mechanism of the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative in its last form calls for a national coalition government headed by the JMP, among other military reforms.

However, it also states the transitional period will last for two years and be ruled by Hadi as he is the default candidate, since the conflicting political parties could not agree on an alternative.  

The opposition Joint Meeting Parties, who accuse Saleh of hindering any peaceful attempt of power transition in Yemen, agreed on going ahead on the initiative after rejecting the three-day deadline Saleh set for them to join talks.

“We had no problems with the mechanism Bin Omar [UN envoy] came with, but the other party was not serous in implementing it and still there are no indications that they will be this time” said Mohammed Al-Sabri, a JMP leader.

Al-Sabri pointed out that the violence in Taiz, which left over 10 civilians dead on Wednesday, is an indication that Saleh is not serious in applying any peaceful means to transfer power.