Issue #1874


Popular committees and the Houthis both presented different versions of what happened to weapons air dropped into Aden. Houthis claim they have seized some of the weapons, while those fighting the Houthis insist all weapons are accounted for.

Houthis claim they have seized arms intended for popular committees in Aden

Published on 5 April 2015 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in News

Weapons dropped from the air by the Saudi-led coalition for popular committees fighting the Houthis in Aden have fallen into Houthi hands, according to the Houthis. The claim is denied by a member of the Southern Movement, who claims all weapons are the hands of the group and the popular committees.

Houthis enter Aden port

Published on 30 November -1 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in News

SANA’A, April 6—On Sunday, the Houthis announced they had gained full control over Aden port. Security forces in Aden deny the claim, saying the Houthis are present, but not in control.

The manager of Sana’a airport estimates that 500 foreign nationals have evacuated since Thursday.

Following Operation Decisive Storm, exodus of foreign nationals from Yemen

Published on 6 April 2015 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in News

Sana’a, April 6—More than 500 foreign nationals have been evacuated from Sana’a airport since Thursday, according to the manager of Sana’a International Airport.

khalid Baterfi, AQAP leader who was released on Thursday in Mukalla city.

AQAP continues to hold Mukalla, tribesmen unable to enter city

Published on 6 April 2015 by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki in News

SANA’A, April 5—Armed tribesmen are pouring into Hadramout, where some have surrounded Mukalla city in hopes of forcing their way through the Al-Qaeda-controlled checkpoints and re-taking the city, which fell into the hands of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on Thursday.

Islah and Hotheis

About 100 Islah members remain in detention

Published on 6 April 2015 by Bassam Al-Khameri in News

SANA’A, April 5 –Around 100 leading figures in the Islah party remained in detention Sunday, following the party’s declaration of support for the Saudi-led airstrikes against Yemen on Thursday evening.


Residents in Sana’a have spent days trying to find flour in the capital city. Stocking up on basic goods has resulted in shortages in the market. (Archive photo by Ali Ibrahim Al-Moshki)

Grocery stores running out of flour as public hoards basic goods

Published on 6 April 2015 by Khalid Al-Karimi in Report

Saleh Ahmed, a 50 year-old taxi driver, went from supermarket to supermarket to find flour. When he did locate it, he found that the price of a 50 kilo sack of flour had shot up from YR 5500 ($25) to YR 6200 ($28) since the beginning of the Saudi-led coalition strikes in Yemen.