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القراء الأعزاء، تعتذر صحيفة يمن تايمز عن صدور النسخة المطبوعة مؤقتاً حتى إشعار آخر نظراً للظروف الإستثنائية التي يمر بها الوطن، وتؤكد على استمرارها عبر موقع الإنترنت

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Clashes Near Aden Airport

Heavy clashes between the Popular Resistance and Houthi militants broke near the airport on Friday.

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Port of Mukalla Ready for Full Operation

According to officials, the port of Mukalla is completely ready to operate as normal.

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WHO: nearly 2,000 people dead since the start of the Conflict in Yemen

The World Heath Organization (WHO) said that around 2000 people have been killed and 8000 injured including women and children since the beginning of the conflict.

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Residents Suffer from Continuous Shelling in Taiz

Violent clashes have been reported in Taiz between the Popular Resistance and Houthi militants backed up by forces loyal to the Ex- President Ali Abdulla Saleh today.

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